The Unrepentant Recalcitrant

Lessons for an accidental entrepreneur

Be Quiet

Be Quiet

We talk too much.

It’s all about communication we are taught. Stay in touch. You can never communicate too much. Let’s brainstorm this idea or that one. Let’s discuss strategy. Then let’s discuss tactics.

We have a million meetings. And then some more. We drown ourselves (and our sorrows) in our email. Pushing email has become an acceptable proxy for work in many of our biggest and most powerful organizations.

Every available minute of every available day is full of talk talk talk.

Our minds are not at peace and a million thoughts populate it.

Small, inconsequential, stressful thoughts. Its all about urgent and not at all about important.

How are we supposed to think? How do we ruminate on the big stuff?

Two words: Be Quiet.

Look at the people around you who you respect the most. The powerful, successful and the smart people you know. The ones who have achieved the most in their lives and the ones you know will be stars.

They don’t talk much. They listen.

They spend time alone thinking. Not being weighed down by the compulsion to communicate, their communications take on more meaning, their words take on more weight.

They don’t feel the need to demonstrate their smarts.

They are not rushing from meeting to meeting and email to email.

They communicate only when they have something to say.

There’s a pattern there for you and I to emulate.

Think about it. And then, shut your mouth. Be quiet.

We will be better for it.



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