The Unrepentant Recalcitrant

Lessons for an accidental entrepreneur

Why Blog?

Well, I never did until now.

People that blogged had something to say.

I had nothing to say, nothing of any importance.

Three years ago, when I started to work on building my startup I realized I had a million questions.

Small questions, big ones but they kept on coming.

My business school classes did not help much.

In fact some of them actually hurt me!

It was hard to find people who had done this startup thing and built it out into a business.

As I worked on the business, I began to find my answers.

The hard way!

Making mistakes, I gained perspective.

Being a novice, I gained experience.

I realized that investing in a business whether by building it or by buying ownership (stock) is very similar.

Common principles also crown how we think about ourselves in this world, our ethics, our morals, our red lines.

Right thinking is more than a theoretical pastime. It has implications in everything we do.

It should be a way of life.

One day I woke up and realized there were others like me being born everyday.

This entrepreneurship thing is the toughest thing I have ever done, bar none.

I am guessing you might say the same after your try.

I am hoping some of this will be helpful.

Thats why I blog now.

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